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Spread your wings

Celebrate your Essence


Wellcome to Butterfly Wellness Experience
Where Art, Celebration, Spirituality, and Well-being Unite.

Discover how to celebrate life and create unforgettable moments that touch your soul.

At Butterfly Wellness Experience, we specialize in organizing  events and one day retreats for all those seeking to connect and open up to others in a deeper and healing way.


We invite you to explore sacred spaces created with love, dedication, and beauty in every detail so that you can live transformative and meaningful experiences."







At each gathering at Butterfly Wellness Experience, we offer you a unique experience, similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.


Here, you can explore yourself, let go of what no longer serves you, and unfold your most authentic expression.


We provide practical tools to cultivate presence, awaken your senses, nurture your well-being, and access new states of consciousness. 

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Your Custom Event.

Butterfly Wellness Experience invites you to open your heart and share the beauty of your being.

Each gathering is a unique and vibrant tapestry woven by the collective energy of the participants.

We offer everything from ceremonies to celebrate special days to events and one-day retreats with activities for inner well-being, creativity, and connection among attendees.

We come to you, you come to us

You can choose to organize gatherings in the location of your choice or join our scheduled events in enchanting spaces, where you can meet like-minded people and embark on new adventures.

Whether you wish to organize a special event or join our scheduled encounters, we guarantee a memorable day filled with beauty, joy, and authentic connections.

Our company carries the heartbeat of two places embraced by the Mediterranean Sea, both brimming with infinite charm: Jávea, with the serenity of its landscapes, and the island of Ibiza, with its vibrant and magnetic energy

Embrace the Magic 

At Butterfly Experience, we create magical moments that will transport you to new horizons.

  At Butterfly Experience, we create moments that touch the soul.

Open your heart, share the beauty of your being, and let yourself be carried away by the magic we can offer. 





Explore a diverse range of à la carte One Day Retreats in Ibiza and Jávea ! Design your own path of transformation and well-being by choosing from a variety of  activities.

Discover our offerings and select the experience that resonates with you the most!


Ceremonies mark important transitions in life and facilitate

personal transformation.


They provide an opportunity to embrace

change and embark on a new chapter in life with clarity, intention,

and gratitude



In our events, we blend the fundamental tools of Butterfly's essence: the fusion of art and well-being.

They are designed to invite other artists to participate and create synergies, providing attendees with a space to connect with each other and explore new creative possibilities.


Join us at the upcoming events of Butterfly Experience! Discover transformative experiences that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace change, cultivate gratitude, and unlock your inner potential.


Hello! I am Ara Joy,  the creative and passionate soul behind Butterfly Experience.

Behind this company I integrate the tools I have cultivated throughout my life: art, well-being, spirituality and celebration.

All the experiences I have gone through have inspired me to found Butterfly Wellness Experience, with the purpose of creating spaces for healthy leisure for personal development, enjoyment, and celebration.

The goal is to accompany participants in connecting with their spiritual essence and inner well-being through body awareness, meditation, creativity, and symbolic art. Sharing experiences that lead them to connect in a deeper and more healing way with each other.

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Make Your Event Unforgettable. 

Contact us now and discover how we can make your event an unforgettable experience! We are here to help you create special moments filled with beauty and meaning. 


Thanks for your message!

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